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Innovation and the Accelerator Lab

Innovation and the Accelerator Lab

The SDG Accelerator Lab has the vision to position Kenya as a global sustainable innovation hub, with the mission to leapfrog Kenya’s economy by harnessing technology and innovation to address the Big 4 Agenda and youth unemployment. The Lab has been launched during UNGA 2020, followed up by a mission to twin Silicon Savannah with Silicon Valley and has the main objectives:

  • Provide a vehicle for partnerships, investments, and business linkages to accelerate local innovations and ideas, including twinning Silicon Valley to Silicon Savannah.
  • Apply research and drives growth of the entrepreneurship ecosystem to address the youth unemployment challenge in Kenya.
  • Support de-risking of investments in innovations.
  • Match demand and supply side of the innovation ecosystem.

About SDG Partnership Platform

The SDG Partnership Platform was launched by the Government of Kenya at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2017. 

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